You may have noticed that we haven’t posted as much as we used to in the past couple moths. This is the reason: we were working on our badass ultimate cold email course!

What does this cold email course contain?

  • All of our knowledge and best practices about cold emailing
  • New exclusive real-life case studies
  • Tested and proven new cold email templates
  • Often overlooked advice on how to prepare before writing the content

Who is it for?

Anyone who works in and/or around sales or who needs to reach out to strangers to accomplish their goals can benefit from this course. In a non-exhaustive way, it is aimed at:

  • Sales reps who want to invest in themselves in order to get more meetings for their account executives
  • Sales managers who want to bring their teams up to speed about current best practices
  • Startup founders who need to recruit their first customers all by themselves
  • Marketers who want to know how sales reps work so they can provide the best assets possible

Just go and check it out: The Ultimate Cold Email Course

What will I learn?

The course is divided in 6 lessons that will cover the following subjects (some subjects may need more or less than one lesson):

What is cold emailing (and why are people so bad at it)?

Cold emailing works; most people just suck at it.

Fortunately, it’s mainly a matter of how to approach it and avoid common deadly mistakes that doom your campaign from the very beginning.

PRS: Prospect. Research.Segment

Writing a killer cold email begins way before you start typing your first lines.

There are parameters you just can’t afford to ignore if you want your message to have some kind of impact.

Anatomy of a cold email

There may not be a single formula to nailing cold emailing, but there are common elements you find in every successful cold email that ever succeeded.

It’s part art, but also part science.

The arcanes of the follow-up

Considering how many responses happen between the 2nd and 5th email, not following up on a cold email is completely irresponsible for a salesperson.

Also, those who it tend to do it wrong. We’ll show you how.

Technology, use it.

Crafting sensational emails is one thing… getting them in your recipient’s mailbox is another.

You will discover how to deal with volume while maximizing your deliverability and the quality of your message.

So what am I waiting for?

That’s right, just go get it now! The Ultimate Cold Email Course