6 Reasons Why Your Sales Process is Broken

Guest post by Ben Goldstein In theory, a sales process should make your sales reps more effective by focusing their efforts on the activities that are most likely to move a deal forward. According to a study conducted by Vantage Point Performance and the Sales Management Association, companies that defined a formal sales process saw… Read more »

3 steps to mastering social selling

The 3 Essential Steps to Mastering Social Selling [Interview with Jack Kosakowski]

If you ever wondered how to approach social selling, this is it: Jack Kosakowski is nothing short of one of the leaders in the field. In this interview, we talk about: social selling, sales and marketing alignment and why loving your customers is essential. Check out his website (Social Selling For Leaders) and get social with him… Read more »

sales skills

3 Simple But Underrated Keys To Skyrocket Sales Success [Interview With Alex Lynn]

Crowdstrike is one of the hottest companies around! They rank 25th on the LinkedIn list of industry disruptors and boy are they killing it in the cybersecurity field. Which is why I’m excited to publish this chat I had with Alex Lynn, one of the young guns heading the company’s SDR teams. You’re going to read about… Read more »