Avoid the Spam Folder

10 Pro Tips to Avoid the Spam Folder

In a world where nearly 90% of the world’s email traffic is spam.

In a world where spam filters are sharper than ever.

In a world where salespeople and marketers fiercely compete for the prospects’ scarce attention…

Solid advice is needed… and we’re giving it to you!

These are not the SPAM trigger words you are looking for.

455 Spam Trigger Words to Avoid in 2019

Until you become the Obi-Wan Kenobi of the internet, you should make sure to avoid trying to get in your recipient’s inbox with words that might get stopped at the gates.
For that purpose, we’ve put together a list of 455 words and expressions you should avoid, check it out!

how to write a cold email

How to Write a Cold Email That’ll Make Them Hot

Cold emailing is pretty much the same as asking someone out without knowing them at all. It’s quite difficult to get a yes but if you’ve got game, you might bring them home.
The same goes with email prospecting. It’s all about communicating the adequate signals, right?
Tired of getting no response? We’ve got you covered.