5 reasons why I deleted your cold email

5 Reasons Why I Deleted Your Cold Email

As you probably know -or don’t- Prospect.io‘s purpose is to help salespeople cut their time spent on prospecting by 50%. Those efforts are accomplished through our product as well as through this blog. Since it has been growing a bit, we regularly get pitched for internal as well as external guest posts, affiliate programs… Let’s… Read more »

emails bounce, like balls

7 Reasons Emails Bounce And How to Avoid It

Like basket balls, emails bounce. Also if you don’t aim correctly, you don’t score and when they bounce back at you, it hurts. I know this is terrible metaphor… but you get my point. Bounces are a common occurrence that plague email campaigns and while it’s impossible to eliminate them completely, there are a few… Read more »

Is cold email illegal? - FBI entering

Is Cold Email Illegal?

Updated on May 3 2019 Alright, there it is. The million-dollar question. Is cold email illegal? I mean, if we at Prospect.io had gotten a penny every time someone asked us this question, we’d have like… 2 dollars or something. (No need to copy and paste, just download our FREE international SPAM laws guide) What is cold… Read more »

Spider Man Boss: Perfect subject line

13 Tips to Perfect Your Subject Line

How much time and effort you spend on your subject line reveals how much you truly want your email to be opened. Wait, what? Just like a nice home-cooked meal is the key to my heart, a great subject line is the key to get your email opened. Nothing more, nothing less. Therefore, you need… Read more »